Antique Wood Flooring and Lumber

The Wood Shop Malvern specializes in reclaimed antique wood or aged woods recycled and or salvaged from historic buildings, built in and around the turn of the century. Antique or aged wood includes hand hewn beams, antique weathered siding and rustic wood panelling, wide plank flooring, cabinets, countertops etc.

What is reclaimed wood? Reclaimed wood is also known as antique wood, aged wood, recycled wood, salvaged wood etc. Why use reclaimed lumber or timber, antique wood instead of buying new? Reclaimed lumber is beautiful old wood that has been recycled and salvaged from historic industrial buildings, antique barns, warehouses, old growth trees found through river recovery, and many other antique buildings that are no longer in use. Salvaging this wood allows to resuse gorgeous Heart Pine, White and Red Oak, Hemlock, and many other species of useable lumber without ever having to cut down a living tree. This dense beautiful wood is used to create beautiful antique hardwood flooring, wide plank wood flooring, hand hewn beams, rough sawn beams, antique cabinets, antique molding, interesting and warm interior walls, structural hand hewn beams, gorgeous cabinetry and fine furniture here at The Wood Shop Malvern. Each piece of antique lumber has its own story to tell.

There are many uses of Reclaimed, Recycled antique wood. Many of uses include hardwood floor installation, kitchen cabinetry, countertops, beams, paneling, etc. You can see many of uses of recycled historic wood in our Photo Gallery. If you are looking for a unique design for your home or office using Antique Recycled Wood on the Main Line or in Metro Philadelphia area contact us. We will find you one of a kind recycled wood for your custom kitchens, cabinets, baths, home theater or home office.